Lenie Buis – Testimonial: Phil Hodgson

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I chose Lenie Buis to be my real estate agent when I decided to sell my Auckland apartment in March 2016.  At this time I happened to be trekking for a month in the mountains of northern Spain.  Due to having intermittent internet facilities as I passed from town to town, I was completely reliant on Lenie handling the sale process back home without any real-time contact with me – co-ordinating the advertising and photography, handling minor repairs and cleaning prior to listing, managing the open homes, organising legal documents, and communicating during this time with my tenant, the bodycorporate, and my solicitor.

During this time Lenie handled the entire sales process impeccably, giving me the confidence to continue my trek and receive communication from her via email at 48-72 hour intervals.  Not only did the apartment sell, it sold prior to going to Auction and for a price I was very happy with.

I have bought and sold many properties in New Zealand and found Lenie to be one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and trustworthy agents I have ever dealt with.  I would have no hesitation using her again or recommending her to anyone looking for a professional and capable property agent.

Phil Hodgson June 7, 2018