7 top selling tips

Pathway to selling your home

Here are some key points to consider before you place your greatest asset on the market. If you’re committed to getting the best price for your home and you want the process to be as rewarding as possible, these tips will help you.

The difference between a mediocre salesperson and a very good salesperson (and bear in mind, you are paying the same for both) can mean thousands of dollars that you receive for your home. A good salesperson should be determined to get you the best possible price for your home.

Listing with one agency exclusively creates a win-win situation for both you and the salesperson. You will secure a dedicated salesperson who will fully commit their time, resources and expertise into selling your home. In return, the salesperson will receive a commission when their hard work and effort results in a sale. Many people who decide to list with multiple real estate agencies often find that they do not receive the same kind of attention and commitment.

Once you put your home on the market you are competing for buyers against other similar homes that are for sale. Ideally you want to attract as many buyers as possible, because the competition created by interested buyers can result in a premium price.

Pricing your home too high is a sure way to deter prospective buyers. Those who actually want to buy a house in that price range will tend to pass over your home as they can get better value elsewhere. The buyers who do want a home similar to yours are also likely to exclude it as it is well out of their price range. As a result, your home could end up being on the market for a long period of time with little interest from buyers.

The best strategy is to price your home at the right market value at the beginning. This is more likely to attract the optimum number of buyers. Your salesperson can help you to set the right market price by taking into account factors such as the price of similar homes in your area that are currently for sale (or that have already sold) and the current housing market.

In many instances, your salesperson may advise a strategy of marketing without disclosing any price, such as auction or tender.

Sometimes people make the decision to renovate their home before selling in order to add extra value. But before undertaking any major improvements you need to be sure that you aren’t overcapitalising (when the cost of your improvements is greater than any additional value they add to the sale price).

If you are planning on making any significant improvements before selling your home, contact your real estate salesperson and ask their advice about how much extra value your improvements are likely to add.

A Lochore’s salesperson will evaluate your property, identifying if there are any repairs or maintenance necessary to bring your house to a market-ready standard.

We will then work with you to customise a marketing campaign to attract the biggest possible number of potential buyers in your target group within a compressed timeframe. Ideally the goal should be to set a deadline for a sale in three to four weeks maximum.

Purchasing a home is nearly always an emotional decision for buyers and first impressions do count. It is important that your home is presented at its best so it will be as attractive as possible to buyers. Keeping the lawns mown and the gardens cared for, attending to obvious small repairs and ensuring that curtains and blinds are open and your home is clean, tidy and free of clutter will make a good first impression with potential buyers.

If you are selling in a high-priced neighbourhood, it may also be well worth considering using a professional home-staging company to maximise your presentation.

View our checklist to help prepare your home for showing. (link)

A buyer’s expectation of price and a seller’s expectation of price are very seldom the same. In fact there is often a big gap between what the buyer is prepared to pay and what the seller is willing to accept. That’s why a good salesperson is so invaluable when it comes to negotiating. It is their job to close this gap in your favour and achieve the best possible price for your home.