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Why a career in real estate is for you

A career in real estate offers the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and to assist them with one of their big life decisions about where they live and work. You’ll be working in a fast-moving and constantly changing environment.
If you’re someone who is ambitious and a good communicator, who thrives on encouragement, rewards and recognition, you could be well suited to a career in real estate. A career in sales also has the potential to be very financially rewarding.

Residential salesperson

A real estate salesperson acts as an intermediary between the owner and the buyer, assisting with their negotiations to reach an agreed sale price for the property. 240x2403 The real estate salesperson continues to act on behalf of the owner until the property is legally transferred to the new owner.The salesperson receives a payment (known as a commission) for these services from the owner.
A salesperson is effectively administering a small business under the umbrella of a company office. They promote their services to encourage owners to list with them, create a database of potential buyers to match with owners and make recommendations to the owner about the practical tasks and repairs necessary to bring their home to a market-ready standard. They advise the owner about an appropriate and targeted marketing campaign, run that campaign, conduct open homes, follow-up with prospective buyers, organise auctions or tenders and, most importantly, close the deal.

Residential property manager (of rentals)

This role involves managing a property asset on behalf of an owner/landlord. It includes marketing and recruiting suitable tenants, ensuring that rent is paid on time and in accordance with the tenancy agreement, that the maintenance of a property is kept up-to-date and conducting property inspections. A property manager also prospects and lists for rent residential property and receives and qualifies enquiries from interested parties looking to rent residential property. The role includes negotiating rents and rent reviews, advising on market rents and representing the property owner at tribunal hearings.

Body corporate manager

240x2403This person administers multi-unit titles as a body corporate secretary on behalf of the group of individual owners of a building. This involves running the building’s body corporate meetings, managing renovations or repairs to the aspects of the building common to the group of owners and ensuring that sufficient capital is put aside to fund these repairs or renovations.

The skills you need for a career in real estate

  • People skills – you like having lots of interactions with a broad range of people on a daily basis. You want to help people with their property goals.
  • Communication skills – You have the ability to follow up efficiently, to communicate information clearly, to be friendly, open, persuasive and enthusiastic.
  • Business smart – You have the ability to close a deal.
  • Technology – You’re switched on and digitally savvy.

The personal qualities you need for a career in real estate

  • Outgoing – You’re assertive, recognise opportunities and go for them.
  • Personable – You’re well groomed and have personal charm and genuine warmth.
  • A good listener – You like people and you’re open and willing to draw out your customers’ requirements and make them a priority.
  • Competitive – You like to win and are prepared to work hard to succeed.
  • Ambitious – You have the necessary drive to help you on your path to success.
  • Ethical – You share information honestly and fairly. You don’t take advantage of people. You follow industry standards.
  • Resilient – You bounce back from disappointments and give things another go.
  • Focused and disciplined – You have a systematic approach to your work, know how to prioritise and have the patience and work ethic to do what needs to be done to complete a task.
  • Intuitive – You know instinctively when to be persuasive and when to pull back and allow people time to reflect.

A career in sales at Lochore’s Real Estate

At Lochore’s we have an excellent and experienced administration team to provide all the in-house support you need. Our comprehensive training will ensure your continued growth and development. And we’ll provide you with the leadership and support you need to reach your financial goals.

We ensure that the right systems are in place to make your job easier. We regularly review our systems and processes to see if there are any ways in which we can improve our customer service. We have embraced new technology, adopting one of the best web-based real estate sales management systems in Australasia. It’s accessible any time, any place, any machine and supported 24/7. This system optimises the amount of time you spend with clients and reduces the amount of time you spend on administration. Our system makes it easier to manage your documentation.
From appraisal to final sale, everything is documented online with single-point entry. Pre-designed templates make marketing and signage easy to customise, while maintaining a consistent brand standard.

Our resources, combined with your commitment, energy and enthusiasm will maximise your opportunities for successful sales. Grab the chance to work with an energetic, enthusiastic team in a co-operative, efficient office environment in our newly renovated offices. If you want to work with some of the best in the business, we’d welcome a call.

Contact Barbara Gemmell about career opportunities at Lochore’s on 09 481 0639 or email