As your body corporate manager, we will provide you with a high standard of professional service in the following areas:


We will give notice of, hold and prepare minutes of your annual general meeting and any extraordinary general meetings that may be required through the year. Minutes of these meetings will be distributed promptly to all the owners and will also be available on the website for your complex.

Owners’ committee

We assist in the formation of the owners’ committee and regularly act as chairperson and take an ongoing interest. We are happy to attend regular meetings held at the complex. If you prefer, we can provide our boardroom facilities for this purpose.

Body corporate website

To provide a high level of transparency we provide each body corporate with its own website, securely accessed by the owners with their individual password. The website provides current rules and insurance details for the owners, you can assess the body corporates financial accounts, minutes of past AGMs and owners’ committee meetings.

After-hours emergency service

A personal, on-call Body Corporate Manager is available for emergency assistance. Where required we will arrange for appropriate contractors to attend an emergency situation relating to the common property, or if the emergency relates to an individual unit we will supply to the owner advice and contact details for suitable contractors.

Annual accounts and budget

We prepare annual accounts and draft budgets for the body corporate. These are submitted for each annual general meeting and are made available for every owner in both printed form and on the website.


All financial transactions for your body corporate are made through a body corporate trust account and are subject to audit if required by your AGM.


Prior to each AGM we will obtain several quotes for the comprehensive reinstatement and full replacement insurance policy, as required by the Unit Titles Act 2010. Lochore’s 60+ years of property management expertise enables us to provide exceptionally competitive prices for our clients.

Property maintenance

We have long-term relationships with a reliable team of quality contractors whom we coordinate to provide timely and efficient repairs and maintenance. We arrange project management for the maintenance and upkeep of common property such as pools, gardens, driveways, roof and guttering. We visit regularly to assess the paint condition and monitor the general state of the property. Where required we obtain quotes for work required and provide these quotes for the owners’ committee prior to commencement.

Levies and debt collection

We levy the owners for their contributions to the running of the body corporate and our accounts department has an excellent record of ensuring these levies are paid on time.

Payment of accounts

As your Body Corporate Manager, we pay accounts as they fall due. These include accounts relating to electricity or water, grounds maintenance, insurance and security.

Risk analysis and long-term maintenance plan

Every body corporate has to consider the long-term financial implications of replacing or repairing major items such as the driveway or roof. We assist in the formation of a long term maintenance fund as required by the Unit Titles Act 2010 to ensure that there are no unforeseen expenses in the future. These funds are kept in a separate high-interest trust account.

Register of proprietors

Section 85 of the Unit Titles Act 2010 requires that the manager maintains a Register of Proprietors. We will keep an up-to-date list of contact names, addresses and telephone numbers for each owner.

Disclosure certificates

Prior to selling a unit, a Section 146 Form 18 is required. In addition a buyer will require a Section 147 Pre-settlement disclosure. This is a requirement of the vendor warranties required by the Unit Titles Act that are part of a standard sale and purchase agreement. We provide these certificates on behalf of the owner, and send them to the owner, their solicitor or real estate agency. The certificate provides information for the purchaser that includes material relating to the financial commitments of the body corporate and the percentage of the outgoings relevant to the unit being sold.

Building Act compliance

We ensure compliance with the current Building Act, which places the responsibility for the safety and maintenance of buildings on the owners, and requires most developments to have an annual Warrant of Fitness. We arrange this on your behalf.