Maze of supply & Demand
Action at the Coal-Face
Who would have thought that I would be writing this market insights blog two weeks into a COVID-19 Level 4
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Young family having dinner together
How to Know When You’re Ready to Buy a Home
Here at Lochore’s Real Estate, we’ve been operating as real estate agents in the lower North Shore for decades, so
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couple getting keys to new house from realtor in cafe
Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020: A Guide
The New Zealand government recently passed the biggest changes in Tenancy legislation in 35 years, outlined in the Residential Tenancies
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family standing on a beach on Auckland north shore
The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Property
Any improvements to your house that cost less than the value they add are worth the money, but which improvements
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View of Auckland’s North Shore from Mount Victoria in Devonport
Time to Look Again at Beach Haven & Birkenhead Properties
Contrary to popular belief, Auckland’s North Shore real estate properties aren’t all expensive bay-side villas and costly waterfront homes. In
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Young real estate saleswoman speaks on the phone from her sofa
Are You Ready for an Exciting Career in Real Estate Sales?
  Are you ready for a career change? Why not consider the exciting and lucrative world of real estate sales?
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Real estate salesperson combing through paperwork
Make Sure You Have These Documents on Hand to Sell Your Property
Selling a property is no simple task. As a seller, whether you’re dealing with first-time buyers or experienced investors keen
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Auckland Harbour Bridge in Auckland, New Zealand, shot from Northcote Point. The bridge joins St Marys Bay on the Auckland city side with Northcote on the North Shore side.
Top Five Benefits of Living on Auckland’s North Shore
Auckland’s North Shore is more than a place; it’s a lifestyle! Those who choose life on “The Shore” seldom regret
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Property investor receiving keys to new property
What Makes a Good Investment Property?
An Interview with Lochore’s Chris Gemmell How do you recognise when an investment property has real rental potential and the
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Real estate salesperson in office being thoughtful, looking to window
The Investment Property Market & COVID-19
How Will Covid-19 Impact the Auckland Investment Property Market? The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, and
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View of residential properties on Auckland’s North Shore with Rangitoto in background
Property Managers – What do they do?
What Do Property Managers Do, Exactly? It’s no secret that property management is a growing business here in Auckland, requiring
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Rental property manager and tenant shake hands after tenancy selection process
What You Need to Know About Tenancy Selection
Choosing the ideal tenant is one of the hardest decisions in rental property management, but also one of the most
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Online property appraisals
Virtual Property Appraisals
Virtual property appraisals and listings offer possibilities during lockdown By Lochore’s guest blog writer Chris Gemmell I’m writing this blog
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A real estate salesperson in Auckland’s lower North Shore sells home to young couple in the background
Auckland’s Next Great Real Estate Salesperson
How can you become Auckland’s next great real estate salesperson? Real estate is a lucrative business in Auckland. With consistently
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To auction or not to auction…
We’re entering the sales period that we in the real estate industry refer to as the ‘pre-Christmas squeeze’. This refers
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Confidence for first home buyers
Confidence returning with entry-level properties
Our experience at Lochore’s in recent weeks with listed properties hitting the market has highlighted the acute shortage of housing
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REduce REd Tape
Government needs to reduce amount of red tape
The cost of government and local body compliance is strangling New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It needs to
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New Healthy Homes Standards – “Cutting through the red tape”
From my office desk I’m looking out the window into an Auckland mid-winter day – you guessed it the rains
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Turbulent waters - Auckland Real Estate
Auckland real estate – navigating turbulent waters
What we’ve seen in the real estate market over the first quarter has been a turbulence. Motivated sellers and pre-approved
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Loose GST
Getting serious about creating affordable homes
Ever considered what portion of the cost of a brand-new so-called ‘affordable home’ lines the pockets of the Government and
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Getting serious about stopping money laundering
I’m in favour of the introduction of phase two of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment
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Why Can't All Residents Benefit
Why can’t all Auckland residents benefit
I applaud the Government’s plan to override Auckland Council by establishing a new urban development authority that will enable it
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Shifting sands - Current Property Market
Shifting sands – the current residential property market
By Lochore’s guest blogger and sales agent Chris Gemmell The residential property market is currently undergoing change – I refer
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Online Property Research - Do your homework.
Home Pricing Websites – Are They Accurate Or Even Relevant?
We think it’s a case of buyer beware. Do your homework – and make sure that your real estate sales
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Licensing of property managers
The Government is proposing changes to the Residential Tenancies Act. But its list of changes doesn’t include the elephant in
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Golden gavel and block
To auction or not to auction? That’s the question
By Lochore’s guest blogger Chris Gemmell Going the auction route is not always the right solution for every property. However,
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Being accountable matters
What does it mean to be truly accountable? It means being responsible for your actions. It means fronting up, being
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Where will the extra construction workers come from?
How can we build more houses when there aren’t enough builders and materials for this extra work? How long can
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Co-ownership a potential option for single first-home buyers
In my view, owning a house – or, even better, several houses – is still the best form of investment.
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Baby boomers hit the wall with property maintenance
Many baby boomers reaching their seventies are hitting some major walls as they move through retirement. One is the ability
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Looking forward with your property goals
The year has not begun auspiciously for wannabe house buyers – or for real estate salespeople. It seems to me
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A watch and wait game
There has been a necessary correction in the price of properties and the market has temporarily flattened. This tends to
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A fresh approach required to increasing housing stock
I’m looking forward to seeing the fresh approach of the new coalition New Zealand Government. But while there are many
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A plea for a common sense approach 
Do I think that all tenants are entitled to live in warm, dry homes, rather than the alternative – mouldy,
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Are basic home renovations now unaffordable?
Ask any developer, builder or architect what they think of Auckland Council’s competence in processing resource consents and you’ll get
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When is consent not consent?
In the real estate industry it’s easy to become complacent about the way we obtain consent from customers to be
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Urgent solution needed to help finance leaky building repairs
Houses are still leaking – how are owners expected to fund the repairs? With houses constructed of untreated timber framing,
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Auckland real estate market is self-correcting
June 2017 Auckland real estate market is self-correcting The North Shore real estate market is slowing down considerably. This doesn’t
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Lateral thinking required to increase housing stock
May 2017 Lateral thinking required to increase housing stock We’re in a crisis situation, people. Do the maths. Buying a
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Gradual stabilisation of residential property market
April 2017 Gradual stabilisation of residential property market The number of sales has dropped dramatically and this has been happening
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Banks tightening their lending criteria
March 2017 Banks tightening their lending criteria We’re finding banks are getting tougher on lending to home buyers. This has
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Residential property market taking a breather
February 2017 Residential property market taking a breather It’s still a buyers’ market, and auctions have now become pointless. Most
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Our new normal
January 2017 Our new normal  Just as I predicted in my blog in September Auckland has become a buyers’ market.
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More bank loan interference on its way?
December 2016 More bank loan interference on its way?  What was the Reserve Bank thinking when it asked the Government
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Compromise and sacrifice a key to home ownership
November 2016 Compromise and sacrifice a key to home ownership Tired of listening to people saying housing is unaffordable? Well,
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Apartment projects in freefall
October 2016 Apartment projects in freefall The NZ Herald reported on 11 October that ‘thirty-five Auckland multi-unit residential developments have been cancelled
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Has Auckland changed from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market?
September 2016 Has Auckland changed from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market? In my view, the Auckland market is turning
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Council needs to get its own house in order
August 2016 Council needs to get its own house in order to deliver the Unitary Plan objectives The Auckland Unitary
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Private landlords and homebuyers need to be vigilant
July 2016 Private landlords and homebuyers need to be vigilant about potential P-contamination Private landlords pay a high price if
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Paula Bennett’s $5000 offer to struggling or homeless families
June 2016 Is Paula Bennett’s $5000 offer to struggling or homeless families a life saver or a potential can of
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More robust tenant selection processes are needed
June 2016 More robust tenant selection processes are needed for Housing NZ eligibility Why does Housing NZ continue to rent
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Cut your cloth to get ahead
Cut your cloth to get ahead. It’s always been hard for first-home buyers. And it may well be the hardest
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The Chinese are back in the market
April 2016 The Chinese are back in the market Asian investors are starting to invest in our market again after
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