Pauline Horne

Sales Manager

p 09 481 1428 m 0274 927 762 e

Pauline oversees the running of the sales team and regularly reviews the company’s systems and processes to ensure that Lochore’s remains at the forefront of the industry. She has been with Lochore’s since 1985, beginning as a sales agent and eventually taking over the branch manager position in Birkenhead before moving to the Glenfield branch, which she co-owned with Paul and Jean Lochore. After running that branch for 12 years with considerable success, she returned to the Birkenhead branch in 2002 where she resumed her branch manager position.

Pauline holds regular sales meetings to provide support and guidance to the sales team. She ensures that the team stays up to date on new legislation and provides training for every agent so that they can deliver the highest standard of service to clients.

Pauline has a reputation for being an efficient businesswoman and an astute reader of people. She is so well known for her real estate knowledge and expertise that investors will often buy a property on her recommendation without even seeing it. View my Listings

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